Sowing Into Soul: New Church Building

It was since 2003 our church has been looking for a new home.  The price was from $2 to $5.9 million.  We’ve looked at church from Newport Hills to Shoreline.  And it wasn’t until now!

The Church building is located two minutes from I-90.

New Church Building has the following:

  • 3.56 Acres
  • 16,060 square feet
  • Seats up to 500 people
  • Commercial Kitchen
  • Large classrooms for children
  • Large meeting rooms for special classes


Sound System and Multi-Media

  • Sound system wiring
  • New sound booth
  • New lighting for sanctuary and stage
  • Sound treatment installation
  • Modernize the sanctuary and remove the glass partition

 Fellowship Hall / Indoor Play Ground

  • Merge choir room and two other classrooms into one big (1650 sq. ft.)
  • Partial remodel the kitchen to fit the  new fellowship room

Children Classrooms

  • Take down walls to create bigger classrooms
  • Modernize each age group for each classroom.
  • Create an outdoor fenced playground for young children


  • Install pervious pavers on grass adding 55 new parking spaces
  • Repaving the existing blacktop

 Others projects

  • Create additional bathrooms
  • Install new energy saving windows
  • Wall treatment and new paint
  • Modernize: lighting, flooring, and décor.


Cost of building: $3.4 million

What we are planning to do?

  1. Put $2.8 million for down payment.
  2. Borrow $600K to complete the purchase.
  3. Raise $200K to $300K for renovations.
  4. Have fundraisers and donation events throughout the years.

Our goal is to be out of debt with in two years.


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